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Straight Stairlifts

Curved Stairlifts*

Outdoor Stairlifts*


If stairs create a barrier to keeping your life functional to normal daily living, a stairlift helps restore safety and peace of mind by giving you access to the upper floors or to the world outside. Whether your stairs are straight or curved, SOS Group will install your stairlift within a few hours.

Rental Information: 

Rentals are Perfect Situations for:

  • Rehab
  • Surgery Recovery
  • Visiting Relatives

*Curved & Outdoor Stairlifts are not available to rent.

Only Straight Stairlifts are available to rent from SOS. Offering a unique short-term option for complete access to your home or office with our top products. Providing an affordable solution for those in temporary need for providing access to your home, office, deck or upper floors, etc.

HOW IT WORKS: One Low down payment is required upfront**. Rentals require a minimum 3-month rental time period. On the 4th month, take advantage of the affordable monthly rental rates for as long as you would like. Just give us a call when it is time to return the stairlift and we will conveniently pick it up at no charge to you!

** Low Down payment based on step configurations for installation and unit chosen.

Please call for a Free Safety Assessment at 856 740-4000.