Bathroom Modifications & Grab Bars


No-Entry or Low-Entry Showers

Staying safe in your home, you should consider home modifications for the bathroom, particularly the bathtub. One option is to replace the bathtub with a walk-in shower, which provides much easier (and safer) entry and exit than a bathtub. All kinds of options are available, from tiled bath walls to complete one piece surrounds to fit your budget.


Grab Bars

Can go anywhere! These simple modifications can help prevent slips and falls in the bathtub or anywhere you need a little extra help. The most common place to install is on the tub side or shower wall to help with getting in and out of the tub/shower. They can also be used for extra support around the toilet-area. Permanently installed ones are available in different sizes and finishes. Never use a toilet paper holder, towel rack or wall-mounted sinks for supporting your weight.


Handheld Shower Sprays

Sprays are installed for your convenience allowing you to help control water flow when seated on bath chairs and transfer benches. They easily attach to your existing shower arm, or can be attached with a diverter valve and used in conjunction with existing shower heads for other family members.


Bathtub Transfer Benches & Chairs

If you desire to keep your existing bathtub, or cannot afford to replace it, there are less expensive modifications that can be made to prevent slips and falls in the bathtub.

Purchase a bathtub transfer bench. Transfer benches straddle the side of the bathtub, enabling you to sit safely on the bench while getting into the tub by lifting each leg, one at a time, over the bathtub wall. Getting into the tub while seated greatly reduces the risk of dangerous slips and falls. If you cannot spare the required the bathroom floor space for bathtub transfer bench legs, you can opt for bathtub chairs, which sit completely inside the bathtub. You may be able to turn around and sit on the chair with both legs outside of the tube and then lift one leg at a time over the tub wall while seated.